Thursday, June 18, 2009

i'm going to get right to the point of the first time something happened. something most people think is so normal. well i hope you are a little more open minded the most.

when i was three (as i was told by my mother. i was a little young to remember at the time.) i talked about missing my aunt. well, we had just moved. so my mom thought that i was talking about my aunt who had just move away from.she dialed her number so i could talk to her. i was very upset because i didn't want to talk to that aunt. instead i want to talk to my aunt who i live with when my parents mother was shocked by what i was saying.

later my grandmother called to see how we liked our new house and everything. well my mother was worried about me so she told my grandma. my grandmother believes in past live and thought i was speaking about one and told my mom to get as much out of me about it as she could.

over the next week, my mother only got that my parents had died and i was sent to live with my aunt. i talked about living in the old west. that i rode a hoarse to school and that i had died at seventeen. i wouidn't tell her anymore.

after all that happened everything was normal. well up until the time i was eight, that's when i saw the hand. it was the night before easter, when all throught the house not a creatures was strirring, not even a mouse(funny it's true). i was bored out of my mind so i was cleaning my room. usually i always just turn on the TV but i didn't that right. i was taking dishes to the kitchen.